ReSpeaker USB Mics
A far-field microphone array device capable of detecting voices up to 5m away, easy and quick solution for adding voice-interface on devices.
Pre-Order Available in September
Focus on Your Voice
Far-field Voice Pickup
Improve Voice Quality
A small size box that contains a 4-mic squared array, and enclosure of well-designed acoustic structure. With acoustic front-end processing algorithm implemented, it achieves excellent performance of far-field voice pickup, even in the background noise environment.
Far-field voice pickup from up to 5 meters away
USB Audio Class 1.0 compatible and Plug&Play
Acoustic front-end processing algorithm
Voice Activity Detection / Direction of Arrival / Beamforming / Noise Suppression / De-reverberation / Acoustic Echo Cancellation
Enclosure with acoustic structure design
USB voice pickup device
Home/Office automation device
Healthcare device
Voice interaction robot