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Seeed is committed to continuous development on cutting-edge products to satisfy the exponential growth of IoT. We offer a variety of hardware devices with ease of use to help partners provide complete solutions for a wide range of industries.
Smart Agriculture
The coming food chanllenges require digital transformation in Agriculture. Seeed provides products to enable data-driven farming. Our belief is techonology helps to raise crop productivity, increase yield and reduce resource consumption.
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Smart Building
IoT technology gives us a brand-new way to interact with building, monitor and optimize building system. We provide products to contribute on wireless sensing, secured connection, voice interaction, etc.
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IoT Security
The next decade promises the connectivity of every device, but new security threats emerge daily, we provide end-to-end solution and service to highly-secure your IoT device.
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Few IT organizations are equipped to develop the hardware and software for low-level sense and control devices. Gartner provides guidelines for IT leaders looking to seed and accelerate IoT plans. Maker movement suppliers enable organizations to implement IoT concepts in demonstrable form.
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